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Memjet Targets More Commercial Print with Aspen

April 21, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Memjet of San Diego, which made a splash in the printing industry around two years ago with unique high-speed inkjet print-heads, particularly used for labels, is launching a new product called the Aspen Print Engine aimed at commercial printing applications and OEM partnerships.

Aspen is a page-wide-array engine designed for what the company describes as “on-demand, high-quality colour printing” for label and commercial printing applications. Memjet states the technology can reach a top printing speed of 225 feet per minute, representing a significant jump from the 165-feet-per-minute speed of its previous print-engine generation.

“Customers value full control and real-time, precise printed material, and a guarantee that what’s on the screen is exactly what’s printed – down to shading and line values,” stated Gus Piccin of Memjet. “OEMs and print shops with Memjet-powered technology can deliver value in the form of that control. Accurate, real-time printed material is a reality, and an avenue for opportunity and growth.”


Memjet states the Aspen engine provides for full dot control, improving a user’s ability to apply half-toning to reach photographic quality. Aspen features 70,400 nozzles delivering millions of ink drops per second. The page-wide-array print-head system produces 1,600-dpi native resolution in full process colour.

Available as both a standalone printing system or for OEM integration, Aspen Print Engines currently come in three configurations, including: A single print engine, two print engines mounted side-by-side for up to 17-inch wide media (B-size), and as four print engines for double Web and duplex printing on the same web.

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