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MET Printers Acquires Larsen’s Bookbinding

May 15, 2012  By

Vancouver’s MET Fine Printers boosted its renowned craft-printing approach with the purchase of Larsen’s Bookbinding Ltd. located in nearby Richmond, British Columbia. 

“This move adds an unparalleled depth of expertise to our group,” said Mike Winteringham, Chief Operating Officer at MET. “Larsen’s is a multi-generation bookbinder in the classic sense of the word.” To this end, Larsen’s was awarded a Master Book Binders Medal by the King of Denmark, King Frederik IV.

“This level of craft will immediately benefit MET Fine Printers and MET Resource’s clients by adding further technical expertise, speeding up project turnaround and enhancing our client’s experience,” continued Winteringham.


MET Resource is a Web-based print management division that was recently established by MET to provide brand fulfillment and production across a number of disciplines. The acquisition of Larsen’s Bookbinding expands MET’s in-house binding capabilities with perfect binding, saddle stitching, traditional and custom-case binding. The purchase also fits into the company’s focus as an environmentally progressive operation.

“This also serves to reduce our carbon footprint with less demand for couriers and transporting goods between trades,” said Nikos Kallas, President of MET. “We see the changing face of print communications and in order to grow our relationships we must recognize what our clients are asking for and act accordingly.”

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