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Mimaki USA launches new printer and cutter

March 22, 2024  By PrintAction Staff

Mimaki USA releases the JFX600-2531 UV-LED flatbed printer. Based on the JFX600-2513 printer, this model doubles the print area. The JFX600-2531 printer features the Mimaki Toggle Print Function, where the print origin point can be set at two locations on the table. This gives operators the ability to position up to two 4-ft x 8-ft boards, multiple jigs, or smaller pre-cut pieces onto the table with the ability to rotate the origin point for true continuous printing of two different print jobs. While one section (origin point) is printing, the operator can unload finished prints from the previous section and affix the next board or jig without stopping production.

The JFX600-2531 printer includes nine vacuum zones that can be manually opened or closed with a turn of a valve. The larger bed size of the JFX600-2531 printer can also accommodate oversized sheets with a total printable area of up to 98.4 in. (2500 mm) wide x 122 in. (3100 mm) long and up to 2.36 in. (60 mm) thick. This capability accommodates a 5 x 10-ft board. The JFX600-2531 printer is expected to be available for order this summer.


Additionally, Mimaki USA unveils the CFX Series of production flatbed cutters in three table sizes. The CFX Series can achieve a tool moving speed of up to 60 m/min (39 in/min), and acceleration of 0.7G that reduces machining time. Four tools can be used simultaneously. Two types of controls are selectable: a pressure control with a maximum of 30 kg (294 N), and a position control that enables high-quality cutting and ruled lining. The ball screw on the Z-axis allows pressures from 5 to 30 kg (49 to 294 N). Two processing modes can be selected for ruled lining: pressure-controlled mode and position-controlled mode, depending on the material. Based on the pre-measured flatness information of the table surface, the tool height is automatically adjusted according to the table position to reduce the occurrence of over-cutting and left-over cutting. The CFX Series of cutters is also expected to be available for order this summer.

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