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Miraclon expands PureFlexo Printing with support for spot colour inks

April 27, 2022  By PrintAction Staff

Miraclon, home of Kodak Flexcel Solutions, launches spot colour support for PureFlexo Printing. Introduced in 2021 for process printing, PureFlexo Printing controls unwanted ink spread and reduces unscheduled press stops.

“PureFlexo Printing is enabled by unique multi-functional plate surface patterns designed to precisely control ink flow during printing. The rigorously tested and patented technology set now includes surface patterns with edge effects specifically designed to manage the ink flow characteristics of spot colour inks,” said Dr. John Anderson, director of advanced printing applications at Miraclon. “When higher anilox volumes are used for traditional larger pigment-based spot colours, it usually results in the use of harder tapes, higher impression, and other common printing practices to adjust to the higher anilox volumes. These practices often produce undesirable print effects such as halo, dirty print, and TEV (trailing edge void), while the higher ink volumes also have greater drying needs, causing slowdown in the flexographic printing process to increase drying capacity. PureFlexo Printing addresses all these typical issues to ensure better uptime and consistency on press.”

Spot colour support for PureFlexo Printing is included in a subscription to the Kodak Flexcel NX Print Suite for Flexible Packaging, a fully integrated platform designed to provide tailored solutions for specific applications, creating greater efficiencies in flexo print, alongside expert assistance, and tools to maximize the benefits for pre-press providers and printers.

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