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Mitsubishi Electric offers KD series line scan cameras

October 12, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Mitsubishi Electric US has expanded its lineup of KD series industrial line scan cameras with model KD6R1064CXL-NL, a CIS camera that is 1064 mm wide with a 27-mm working distance. Target applications for the KD-CX Series include print inspection, glass inspection, printed circuit boards, and web-based processes.

Features of the KD6R1064CXL-NL camera include: electric shutter, selectable resolution (600, 300, 200 and 150 dpi), and switchable color/mono output. The KD-CX series line scan camera is also available in scan widths of 367, 587 and 807 mm, and uses a tri-linear colour sensor. The CIS camera’s acquisition speed is 140 metres per minute at 600 dpi resolution in 24-bit RGB using internal or external sync. In 30-bit RGB applications and at 600 dpi resolution, the acquisition speed is 128 metres per minute using external sync, but remains at 140 metres per minute if using internal sync. Software settings allow users to select lower resolutions for faster acquisition speeds.


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