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Mitsubishi Imaging offers SWORDiJET 5.5 High Gloss

September 19, 2018
By PrintAction Staff


Mitsubishi Imaging is adding the SWORDiJET 5.5 High Gloss to Mitsubishi Paper Mill’s (MPM) portfolio of high-speed production inkjet coated papers. With an 80-percent gloss level, the paper is suitable for high-end magazines, catalogues, books and scientific journals.

Mitsubishi partnered with HP to license SWORDiJET 5.5 High Gloss with the HP ColorPro technology, a move they say will help printing companies expand their existing business or create new markets to serve. SWORDiJET 5.5 High Gloss is available in 90 gsm/24lb basis weight, with heavier grades to follow including a 7 and 9pt to serve direct mail applications. In addition to the Mitsubishi SWORDiJET 5.5 High Gloss, SWORDiJET 4.3 Gloss and Matte and Premier IJ Book and Form have also been licensed with HP ColorPro technology and will be available through established distribution partners.