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Mitsubishi to Highlight Color Navigator

September 3, 2009  By

After recently winning a 2009 InterTech Award, Mitsubishi at PRINT 09 is set to debut its Diamond Color Navigator to the North American market. The colour-adjustment system automatically corrects all necessary ink-key openings based on an operator’s visual colour sense.
Color Navigator
The system uses what Mitsubishi calls a revolutionary touch-screen colour wheel. Color Navigator consists of upper and lower monitors attached to a separate console located next to the Mitsubishi COMRAC control console. The upper monitor displays the print image as it appears on the press sheet. The operator uses this image to choose individual ink zones to be changed to match the colour proof. The lower monitor displays the key adjustment zones and the adjustment operation panel, while a handheld spectro-densitometer enables colour matching of specific spots on the sheet.

Also at PRINT 09, Mitsubishi plans to highlight its recently introduced Diamond V3000LX press. With a format size of 29 1/2 x 41 1/32 inches, this press is engineered to work with traditional commercial printing applications, as well as labels, packaging and point-of-purchase materials. The press includes the SimulChanger tool, which is an automated, simultaneous plate-changing system. The company claims that the V3000LX includes scratchproof transfer based on the placement of air showers above impression cylinders, a gripper height adjustment device and an individual air chamber at each printing unit.

Print PreviewThe press also features what the company refers to as its Eco-Drive motor for lower power consumption. In addition, Mitsubishi claims that its newly developed plate-clamping system eliminates the need to bend the plate edge, while upgraded impression pressure preset trims five minutes from stock-thickness changes.


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