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Mutoh Celebrates 60 Years

January 24, 2012  By

Mutoh, a seller of wide-format printers, is celebrating its 60th business in business. The Tokyo-based corporation was founded in 1952 and at that time manufactured and distributed drafting products.
“Celebrating 60 years is very gratifying,” shares Brian Phipps, General Manager of Mutoh America, Inc. “The teamwork of Mutoh employees combined with exceptional products and a focus on customer satisfaction is the key to our success. I am looking forward to the response of future cutting-edge products that Mutoh will release in the years to come. Everyone at Mutoh would like to thank our loyal customers who have brought Mutoh to its 60th and beyond.”
Mutoh expanded to the North American market with the establishment of Mutoh America in 1963. Beyond drafting products, Mutoh Industries became a pioneer in CAD plotters in the 1980s and soon expanded into wide-format inkjet devices. It has since established manufacturing and distribution centres in Singapore, Germany, Belgium, China, and Australia.

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