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NAPL and PIA Explore Unification

February 27, 2012  By

Two of the largest printing associations in the United States have formed a task force to determine whether it makes sense for them to join forces. According to a joint statement, the move is largely being pursued because of the industry’s economic conditions over the past several years, ongoing industry contraction, and as a response to calls for action from membership and suppliers. 

The PIA-NAPL merger task force at a recent meeting reached unanimous consensus to move forward with a plan and process to address the above issues. Both Joe Truncale and Michael Makin, CEOs of the NAPL and PIA, respectively, have expressed their full support for the merger.

The unification process is expected to take several months. The task force is to develop a number of sub-committees to address areas like strategic planning, name of the organization, staffing and leadership; local representation, programs, and location.


The task force is being co-chaired by Laura Lawton and Darren Loken, who are the current chairs of PIA and NAPL respectively. The other members of the task force include:

John Berthelsen, Suttle-Straus, Inc.

Tim Burton, Burton & Mayer Inc.

Keith Kemp, Xerographic Digital Printing

Michael Makin, PIA

Joe Truncale, NAPL

Jules VanSant, Pacific Printing Industries

Niels Winther, Think Patented

Nigel Worme, COT Media Group

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