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National Research Council Graphics Canada Preview

March 18, 2017  By PrintAction Staff

National Research Council provides a preview of the following Graphics Canada 2017 booth highlights.

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NRC is highlighting its passive components/devices such as printed conductive lines/connections, resistors, capacitors, and inductors that are basic building blocks in any electronic circuits. Using screen printing, flexo printing and inkjet printing processes, NRC has developed a suite of high conductivity metal lines/connections, precision resistors, UV-curable dielectrics. It can be used for printing high conductivity Ag-based HF RFID antennas in ID card/passport applications.


NRC is also highlighting its hybrid solution circuits, using both silicon ships and printed electronic components to form functional electronic circuits/systems – maximizing the benefit of Si-based electronic circuits (fast, high integration density) and printed components.

NRC is also highlighting its active components in the field of organic photovoltaic solar cells through the development of flexible electroluminescent lamps, using screen printing. The cells/detectors are stable more than two years under ambient condition without encapsulation.

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