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Neenah debuts Kimdura Universal HC Synthetic Label Facestock

October 10, 2018
By PrintAction Staff


Neenah has launched Kimdura Universal HC Synthetic Label Facestock, the newest addition to the Kimdura Synthetic Paper portfolio for labels, designed to enable users to print highly durable labels, using compact printing technologies, without any additional lamination or overcoat.

Kimdura Universal HC Synthetic Label Facestock, the company explains, is suitable for full-colour print-on-demand applications with demanding durability requirements, such as Laboratory, Anesthesia (OR), Pharmacy, Compounding, or Office/Admission settings. Labels produced with Kimdura Universal HC, using dye-based and pigment-based aqueous inkjet printers or with dry toner/laser printers, are designed to withstand harsh exposures to chemicals, water, outdoor environment and extreme temperatures.