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Netpak Packaging invests over $2 million in Montreal production plant

January 7, 2021  By PrintAction Staff

Netpak Packaging has invested over $2 million in automated technology and increasing its production capacity by over 30 per cent at its Montreal production plant’s finishing department.

“Netpak has remained operational as an essential business and at full capacity throughout the pandemic to serve our strategic partners,” said Carlo Cammalleri, the company’s co-founder. “Throughout the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our incredible, dedicated employees have stepped up their efforts. It is thanks to them that we are able to make a series of investments and continue to surpass our objectives year after year.”

Netpak has added two new pieces of equipment to its production facility: a Bobst MasterFold A2 110 folder-gluer equipped with a SpeedWave module, and a Bobst SPanthera 106LER diecutter, both fully integrated with its ERP, MRP and WMS.

“The competition in the printing and packaging industry is the fiercest it has ever been. What sets Netpak apart from competitors is our speed-to-market capabilities, efficient production times, information system and traceability. By investing in new equipment, this has allowed Netpak to remain a leader in the folding carton industry and take folding carton to a new advanced technological level,” added Salvatore Novello, Netpak’s co-founder.

The MasterFold A2 110 allows the company to operate non-stop at increased speeds, as well as a high degree of automation. In addition, the machine is equipped with a SpeedWave module that has allowed Netpak to save a large amount of time with make-ready or changeovers to other types of boxes. The addition of the MasterFold has allowed the production capacity to increase in the final stages of production.

The company will also be adding the Cartonpack module, an automatic packer, which is integrated with the MasterFold. It features a sampler for quality checks without stopping production and can also automatically fill shipping boxes with folded and glued cartons to substantially increase the productivity of the folder-gluer line.

The Bobst SPanthera 106LER diecutter provides cutting, stripping and blanking features in one pass at high speeds. Since its installation, Netpak says its productivity, simplified operation and quality cutting have allowed it to “stay ahead of the competition.”

Netpak has also achieved several certifications, including the BRCGS “Grade AA,” GMI and ISO.

“We are proud to be amongst the first printing and packaging companies in North America to have obtained the BRCGS certification by GFSI, and more importantly, to have obtained this certification for six consecutive years due to full traceability and material flow control,” said Georges Berbari, Netpak’s chief operating officer. In fact, he mentions that having this certification made it easier for them to face the COVID-19 pandemic, as the company already adhered to strict standards required for BRCGS certification, and therefore had few changes to make to its operations.

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