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New Functions for SpectroDens

February 25, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Techkon, a manufacturer of colour-measuring instruments for the printing industry, is introducing new functions for its SpectroDens handheld Spectro-Densitometer.

The advances include a new scan-function for individual control elements. The instrument can measure density and spectral values of up to 54 patches in one scan, based on new pattern recognition algorithms. For the scan, no guide bar is required because the instrument’s four wheels keep straight alignment while scanning. SpectroDens algorithms detect that the colour bar being scanned is correct, has the correct number of patches and that the colours are in the right sequence. SpectroDens displays an error message if the incorrect number of patches are scanned or if the scanning speed is too fast or too slow.

Techkon’s SpectroDens now also features support of the common ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strips tvi10 and M i1 with ISO-Check functions. This, according to Techkon, allows users to perform a check in accordance to ISO/PSO within three seconds.


New ISO 12647-2:2013 values are also now included in SpectroDens as well as its supporting SpectroConnect software. These new target values and tolerances for offset printing were published in December 2013.

Teckhon’s updated SpectroDens instrument is also designed to work with the Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims (SCCA) formula, designed to account for variances in paper colour, developed within the IDEAlliance Print Properties & Colorimetric Committee. SpectroDens allows users to measure the paper and, based on those measurements and using the SCCA formula, calculate new aim points on the instrument. This helps with colour matches for substrates containing optical brightening agents.

All new functions are free depending on the instrument version by firmware update of SpectroDens. The updated instrument will be showcased during the upcoming Ipex exibition in London from March 24 to 29.

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