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New Highcon consumables aim to boost ROI

October 12, 2018
By PrintAction Staff


Highcon today launched a new range of consumables for its digital cutting and creasing machines.

After analyzing its customers’ usage and implementation of the Highcon Euclid and Beam machines around the globe, the Customer Success department concluded that the majority of customers produce short to medium run lengths where setup time is critical to productivity. Many also requested the ability to re-use the Highcon DART foils, on which the creases are written for repeat jobs. As a result, Highcon has developed two new consumables lines: Highcon DART Premium and Highcon DART Economy consumables. The consumables, the company says, have been developed to suit paper, folding carton or corrugated boards.
The Highcon DART technology, implemented in the DART resin, DART foils and DART counter aims to open up a wide range of digital potential to the previously analogue process. The digitally driven rule shape (geometry – cross-section) and dimensions (height versus width) can now be automatically adapted, and if necessary, by grain direction, depending on the application or substrate thickness, Highcon explains. Also, since there is no die-cutting form and the two processes of cutting and creasing are separated on the Highcon machines, there is no restriction to cutting or etching on a crease, it adds.
Highcon DART Premium Consumables boasts: reusable foil that can be reused from three to five times when stored appropriately; rapid writing of rules (~10 minutes for the first job); a substrate gamut – paper or folding carton up to 600µ and corrugated up to 3mm (Euclid IIIC only); and savings of up to 80 percent in consumables cost. Meanwhile, Highcon DART Economy Consumables are suitable for: short runs of up to 5,000 sheets; one-time use; and substrates up to 450µ.

Delivery of the new consumables range for Highcon Euclid III and IIIS will begin in December 2018. Release for Euclid IIIC and Beam machines will be during 2019.