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New HP print technologies promote safety for healthcare workers

October 27, 2020
By PrintAction Staff

HP Inc. recently launched HP Healthcare Print Solutions, based on customer insights and co-developed with healthcare providers, associations and partners to address the “most pressing issues facing the healthcare industry today, including patient wellbeing and safety, care coordination, mobility, privacy and security.”

“As our healthcare systems continue to battle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and brace for a second wave colliding with the flu this fall, the issues of patient safety and clinician burnout have intensified,” said Daniel Colling, RN, global head, Healthcare Industry Solutions & Practice, HP Inc. “With this new portfolio we are reinventing healthcare technology to put the doctor, clinician and patient needs before anything else.”

Among its new healthcare-centric advances is HP’s new Healthcare Edition MFP keyboard and touch-enabled control panels, which were designed to be disinfected regularly, withstanding up to 10,000 industry-standard germicidal wipes.


This is important, as studies show printers and other commonly-used technologies are often highly contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and viral pathogens. In addition, most IT and IoT devices were not designed to be regularly cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectant wipes. Repeated use has been shown to damage the integrity of the plastic and, eventually, the device itself.

HP has also further enhanced the disinfection capabilities of high-touch areas of the printer with removable covers/drapes that can be sterilized in an autoclave up to 134 degrees Celsius.

In addition, HP is collaborating with Clorox Healthcare to offer a guide detailing infection prevention best practices and other educational tools.

These HP Healthcare Print Solutions are now available for direct MPS customers in North America, and are set to roll out in Europe and Asia in 2021.