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New Taopix software uses AI to create photo books

September 12, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Photo commerce software provider Taopix is introducing an artificial-intelligence-enabled version of its software for intelligent creation of photo books and similar multi-image photo gift products.

Called, the new AI-enriched version will select the best and most relevant photos to be used, then construct stories from those images, and present the images in a way that coveys logic and emotion, the company explains. It is designed to analyze images based on quality, location, frequency and the presence of a range of different subjects. Face detection and recognition is a key part of the solution, but will also recognize food, drinks, locations, environments, events and situations. has been built in an exclusive partnership with Muvee in Singapore. It will be formally launched at Photokina in Cologne later this month and will be available for pre-ordering at the show and thereafter. is scheduled to be released in Q1 2019.


James Gray, CEO and Founder at Taopix, says the firm has been looking into AI, primarily as a means to make photo book creation easier and quicker, for a number of years.

“It has taken quite some time to find a technology that is right for the job and can reliably build books using AI. Building the books automatically and quickly is one thing, but the books have to be beautiful and meaningful as well,” Gray says.

“The photo book sector suffers from an alarming metric. Seventy percent of all photo book projects started are never completed. The value of the photo book market worldwide is estimated at $4 billion. If 70 percent of all projects started are left unfinished, that would indicate that there is a significant amount of money being left on the table. It’s widely believed that the most significant factors at the heart of this worrying statistic are the time and the effort it takes to make a photo book. While for some this is a worthwhile pastime, for many others it appears to put them off finishing the projects they have started,” according to a press statement from Taopix.

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