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Diversify Your Business

Is your printer working to grow your business?

As technologies and the needs of print customers change one thing is clear, those who diversify survive and thrive. At the Professional Printing Solutions Group, a division of Canon Canada Inc., we see innovation every day in the vast array of applications produced by our customers.


We’ve put together this guide as a way to show you the potential in your business. It includes real-world applications currently being produced on Canon’s professional lines of printers and cutters, interviews with our experts, case studies from customers worldwide, and useful information needed to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investments. We hope this inspires you to find new ways to support your client’s creative ideas – whatever they may be – and to grow your business.

In every edition of our application guide you will find:

Application Examples

Seven unique categories packed with application descriptions and images.

Special Features
Articles devoted to answering questions on topics such as software and buying considerations.

Case Studies
Our customers share what makes their business different and successful.

In-depth Studies

Comprehensive reviews of speciality applications, such as packaging, wallpaper and MSO.

Informative interviews with
our industry experts.

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