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Surveying the labour landscape
To address labour challenges, employers are encouraging employees to delay retirement and work longer hours with more overtime – a short-term solution that’s unsustainable in light of Canada’s aging workforce.
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Retirement Ahead Employee attitudes on retirement
Canadian workers have big plans for retirement, and many aren’t planning to wait until they turn 65 to start the next chapter of their lives. These dreams of early retirement could compound the skills shortage many sectors are already confronting.
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Employers struggle with incentives
Incentive programs are important tools for employers trying to retain talented workers, but many companies may be wasting their incentive program budgets on rewards that employees don't value.
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Salaries to rise 2.8 per cent
Employer optimism about the year ahead will translate into higher salaries for many workers across Canada. Employers are expecting salaries to rise by an average of 2.8 per cent in 2015, beating this year’s projected increase.
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Wages not a silver bullet
For businesses experiencing labour shortages, paying higher wages may not be the key to attracting staff. The latest Help Wanted report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business’ (CFIB) dispels the myth that paying higher wages is the secret to attracting staff.
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