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RPP membership up
Approximately two in five Canadian workers were covered by a registered pension plan (RPP) in 2012, according to new data released by Statistics Canada. Membership reached 6,185,000 in 2012, up 1.2 per cent from the previous year.
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Mental health at work
Leading Canadian employers have committed to protecting and improving the psychological health and safety of their employees in order to reduce the costs of mental illness in Canada. These costs, including health care expenses and lost productivity, are estimated to total more than $51-billion annually.
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Earnings gap threatens growth
Decades of progress in reducing income inequality between men and women have been accompanied by a growing earnings gap between generations. According to a new report from The Conference Board of Canada, this inequality could threaten the country's future economic growth and social stability.
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Job security and leadership matter
With hiring and turnover on the rise, employers face new challenges to attract and retain top performers and high-potential employees. Adding to the challenge is the fact that many employers don’t understand the reasons employees join and stay with a company.
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Competing on perks
At Frima Studio attracting and keeping talent got harder five years ago, when a pair of deep-pocketed multinational competitors opened offices nearby. When the company realized it couldn’t compete on salary, it decided to shift its efforts to creating a fun and inspiring workplace.
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Bullying forces turnover
Is the American office the new playground for bullies? One in four workers probably think so. Twenty-eight percent of workers have felt bullied at work, and nearly one in five left their jobs because of it.
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