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Not a nation of clock-punchers
Employers should take note of potential flight risks in their workforce: a large pool of employees hasn’t yet identified a career path that they feel will lead to satisfaction at their current place of work.
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Webinar: Five steps to recruit and retain top talent
During this 60-minute interactive online seminar, Ian Cameron, managing director of The McQuaig Institute, shares the do's and don'ts of recruiting top talent and offers tips to differentiate high performing candidates from high potential ones.
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Retirement eludes many workers
Nearly one-third of Canadians between the ages of 55 and 70 do not know when they will retire, and about one in 10 have no intention of ever retiring.
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Relying on employers' insurance
One-quarter of Canadians rely on insurance provided through their employers to ensure dependents will be supported in the event of death or disability.
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The true cost of a bad hire
As expensive as it is to replace a bad hire, the money isn't what concerns employers most. According to a new survey, the single greatest impact of a poor hiring decision is lower staff morale (39 per cent), followed closely by lost productivity (34 per cent).
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Domestic violence at work
Canadian employers lose $77.9 million each year to the direct and indirect impacts of domestic violence.
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