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North Plains Updates Software Portfolio

May 7, 2013  By

North Plains of Toronto introduced new versions for three of its products, including Xinet 17.5, Telescope 9.1 and On Brand 2.6, which are core software applications. The product updates, scheduled for launch by the end of North Plain’s current fiscal quarter, focus on interoperability and usability improvements.

Xinet 17.5
Xinet is a described by North Plains as an optimized media production environment, tuned to deliver productivity benefits to creative teams producing rich-media assets in an environment tightly integrated with the Adobe Creative Suite.

Xinet Pilot, a key module of Xinet 17.5, has been enhanced by expanding previous Asset Browser functionality onto the creative desktop, which provides more flexibility to access, automate and synchronize asset production. Also, North Plains’ ConnectR technology now allows Xinet to push assets and related metadata with a single click to both On Brand and Xinet Digital, North Plains’ new brand engagement products.


Additionally, assets and metadata that have been pushed to Telescope software can now be pulled back, from within the Xinet interface. Xinet 17.5 now includes Unicode support to encode multiple languages and character sets. North Plains explains this allows for deeper localized deployment across multiple geographies. Audio files can now be previewed in Xinet via MP3 audio thumbnails and Xinet can now be licensed without a hardware dongle on Windows and Linux.

Telescope 9.1
Designed as an enterprise-scale digital asset management system, the new release of Telescope 9.1 also focuses on interoperability in that ConnectR technology now allows Xinet users to pull content from a Telescope repository. As a result, Telescope and Xinet can now be connected in a bi-directional workflow for asset transfers.

Additionally, the Telescope Web interface now includes auto-complete functionality in many data entry fields to speed-up form completion. As a user types, Telescope automatically filters out non-matching items from the list until the user selects the desired value. Files can now be dropped directly onto Telescope to trigger import, and catalogues of selected assets can be dropped directly to the desktop or into a creative application like InDesign.

On Brand 2.6
On Brand is a hosted solution with an interface for the management of brand assets and brand guidelines, while also holding optional capabilities for marketing resource management.

Permission support in On Brand 2.6 now extends down to the asset level, which North Plains describes as providing for better control over what digital assets and materials can be viewed, downloaded and shared. This provides greater protection and distribution options for brand managers. On Brand 2.6 can now be used to brand portals in multiple languages and themes, improving accessibility across multiple geographies.

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