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Océ Arizona 480 GT and XT Announced

October 16, 2012  By

Océ announced it will premiere the latest in its Arizona line, the 480 GT and the 480 XT, at the Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association show this week in Las Vegas.

The new Arizona 480 has eight independent ink channels with support for varnish or double-opacity white ink printing, including additional cyan and magenta channels for higher print quality at faster speeds. The two machines also feature a new system to increase image sharpness called active pixel placement compensation, which adjusts the location of individual pixels to account for localized variations in flatbed or platen height.

The Océ Arizona 480 GT printer offers the standard table size of 49.2 by 98.4 inches and the Océ Arizona 480 XT printer offers the extra large table size of 98.4 by 120 inches. Both can print on rigid media up to two inches thick. A roll-media option is available for both models to print on flexible media up to 86.6 inches wide.


In addition to the standard CMYK channels, channels five and six can be configured in two ways: Varnish + White and Double-White. The seventh and eighth channels add extra cyan and magenta nozzles to increase performance. The two machines have print speeds of up to 272 square feet per hour. The printers are aimed at production capacities of 53,800 to 107,600 square feet per year.

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