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Olivier: Print & New Media to Co-Exist

February 22, 2010  By

In a candid interview with The Canadian Press, Transcontinental President and CEO François Olivier iterated his belief in the print medium even in the face of emerging technologies like e-books and other forms of digital publishing.

“We see print and the new media co-existing for a very, very long
time,” said Olivier after an annual shareholders meeting last Thursday.

Nevertheless, Olivier went on to say that he predicts digital versions of traditional print media could take as much as 20 percent away from printing and that it would be “a big big big thing for [Transcontinental].” Transcontinental is heavily invested in both traditional and new media.


Olivier also commented to Canadian Press on the possibility of Transcontinental acquiring portions of CanWest’s assets, but told the reporter that the company has no interest in becoming a daily newspaper publisher.

Rémi Marcoux, Executive Chairman of the Board and founder of
Transcontinental, said the following at the shareholders’ meeting: “The world is changing every day and
this is even more true since the recent recession. Transcontinental was born out of change. We will continue to evolve in
pace with our customers, whether businesses or consumers, to meet their
new needs and new expectations. I view the future with great

Read the full Canadian Press report here.

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