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Omron FH-Series vision system aims to improve defect detection

October 22, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Omron Automation has introduced a new lighting technology designed to automate advanced defect detection and uneven colour inspection as part of the latest iteration of its FH-series vision system. It can also simultaneously detect defects with different characteristics, explains the company.

Omron explains the new vision system is designed to meet the growing quality demands that are putting pressure on manufacturers to detect all scratches and other defects on products, no matter how small. One of the key technologies in this vision solution is an advanced lighting technology that changes illumination angles, directions, and colours depending on the specific characteristics of the object under inspection, known as multi-direction multi-colour (MDMC) light.

While conventional vision systems have typically been unable to match the capability of the human eye for certain defect detection tasks, the FH series, Omron says, aims to surpass this performance threshold with the MDMC Light technology and Photometric Stereo Illumination. In addition to the introduction of the MDMC Light, Omron says the controllers and cameras in the FH series have been upgraded to quantitatively detect and measure minute variances while managing the inspection results, saying the controller’s processing speeds are twice as fast as conventional models.


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