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Pantone Releases Android App

July 12, 2011  By

Pantone has just launched a mobile application for Android smartphone users and updated its offering for Apple iOS users. myPANTONE is an application which allows designers to access Pantone’s libraries and cross-reference across L*a*b, HTML and sRGB values. Users can also share colour palettes with friends via email as well as extract colours from photos taken on their phones.

“We continue to see a fundamental shift in the way designers work and
smartphones are increasingly acting as portable colour studios,” said
Andy Hatkoff, Vice President of Technology Licensing for Pantone.
“myPANTONE for the iPhone was our first mobile application. Since its
release, our Facebook community has been passionate about telling us the
features they would like to see in future versions, including CMYK
values and display calibration for more accurate colour representation on
screen. And, as the mobile market continues to expand, requests for an
Android version of myPANTONE could not be ignored.”

The app users will have access to:

  • PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE (coated and uncoated), a
    two-guide set consisting of 1,341 solid PANTONE colours on coated and
    uncoated stock with corresponding printing ink formulas for each colour;
  • PANTONE PLUS SERIES CMYK (coated and uncoated) provides a
    comprehensive palette of 2,868 colours achievable in four-colour (CMYK)
    process printing;
  • PANTONE PLUS COLOR BRIDGE (coated and uncoated) features CMYK values for all 1,341 solid PANTONE colours;
  • PANTONE PLUS PASTELS & NEONS (coated and uncoated);
  • PANTONE Goe (coated and uncoated) and PANTONE GoeBridge coated;
  • PANTONE FASHION + HOME Color System Library (paper and cotton); and
  • PANTONE FASHION + HOME nylon brights.

The Android version of myPANTONE costs US$7.99 and is available on the Android Market. myPANTONE 2.0 for iOS is available as a free upgrade for owners of the first version and is available for US$9.99 for new users.

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