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Pazazz Adds Xerox iGen 5 First

January 26, 2016
By PrintAction
Denis Beauchamp, general manager, and Warren Werbitt, founder and fisherman, Pazazz Printing.

Pazazz Printing has acquired the first Xerox iGen 5 Press (installed in November 2015) equipped with both the optional extended colour gamut and the optional capability to print on thick stock. The new press, according to Warren Werbitt, founder of Pazazz, will help the Montreal-based printer expand its product mix, particularly with short-run packaging.

“The first time I compared an image printed on the iGen 5 with four colours to the same image printed with five, I almost lost my marbles. The fifth colour made it just so much more vibrant,” ,” Werbitt said, explain the investment decision was also based on the iGen 5 handling thicker stock and a larger sheet size.

The iGen 5’s extended colour gamut is enabled by a fifth toner station that supplements CMYK with orange, green or blue to match a wider variety of spot colours, including up to 90 percent of the Pantone Plus Coated library. The thick-stock capability enables the iGen 5 to feed, image and stack media as thick as 24 points.


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