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pdfToolbox 7 Released

October 2, 2013  By

Berlin-based callas software has launched a new version of its pdfToolbox software, a version which promises more accuracy in quality control and a more refined workflow.
pdfToolbox 7 uses updated Adobe libraries when dealing with transparency flattening which leads to better overall performance. The same engine can also flatten overprint throughout a PDF file, avoiding overprint problems on RIPs that have that issue. The software also includes an entirely new font engine that is better at embedding and sub setting fonts and handling broken fonts.
pdfToolbox has also revised its preflight reports so that they are more visually attractive for clients, as well as improving how problems are conveyed to users. The report is also completely customizable and can be branded with a printing company’s logo and brand colours. On the preflight front, the system also includes a number of new advanced preflight checks: now the software has the ability to calculate (and report in an automated workflow) the total area coverage for each separation in a file, the exact number of separations in a file and whether given separations are identical or different between two versions of a PDF file.
Other PDF cleanup features include:
– Cropping pages to what is visible on the page, disregarding invisible objects or objects that are partially masked out. This provides much better performance as only the actual visible page content is being used.
– Hard cropping of images. The non-visible parts of images are removed to make the overall file smaller (and avoid problems with content that is not visible but could be retrieved using PDF editing software). Images can be cropped to their mask and additionally to one of the page boxes.
– Removing arbitrary page elements. This for example allows easily removing a die line or all elements using a particular spot colour.
– Removing all metadata from PDF documents – the new fix up even allows removing object level metadata, which can bloat PDF files considerably.
pdfToolbox 7 is available immediately from calls software in two versions, one which is a manual processing plug-in for Adobe Acrobat, which starts at EUR 499; and a server system that has hands-off automated processing starting at EUR 3999.

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