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PIC on Hold as CPIA Moves Forward

March 12, 2013  By

The Canadian Printing Industries Association released a progress report yesterday about its direction, as well as the status of the Printing Industries of Canada initiative, with the upcoming closure of the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council.

Below is the full statement issued by Sandy Stephens, Chairman of the Board for the Canadian Printing Industries Association:

Canadian Printing Industries Association (CPIA) is one of the two founding members of the Canadian Printing Industries Sector Council (CPISC). The Government of Canada decided to end core funding for all Sector Councils effective March 31, 2013. As a result, CPISC will cease operations shortly, as announced last week. That closure will be a loss for the industry.


During its years of activity, the Sector Council generated significant intellectual property specific to our industry. The Council will transfer these assets to CPIA for continued industry access. CPIA will maintain and continue to develop these resources and, as a result, our Association has been strengthened.

While CPIA and the Sector Council have been mutually supportive over the years, they have been separate legal entities. Therefore, the closure of CPISC will not have an adverse impact on the Association.

In 2012, CPIA and CPISC announced the potential formation of a new association, Printing Industries of Canada (PIC). While the demise of CPISC has rendered the future of PIC uncertain at this time, it has not affected CPIA’s pivotal role in our industry.

CPIA has long been recognized by elected and appointed officials of the Government of Canada as the legitimate voice of our industry. That advocacy role has been, and will continue to be, the primary mandate of the national Association. Key current initiatives include an examination by Environment Canada of air emissions from the printing and packaging industries; in-house digital operations within Government of Canada offices; and the lead content in print raw materials, of concern to the Consumer Product Safety Branch at Health Canada.

CPIA, with its 80-year history of service to the Canadian printing and allied industries, will continue. Just as our industry must constantly evolve to meet an ever-changing business environment, so must our Association. CPIA is scheduling a teleconference call with industry leaders from across the country to solicit input on the future direction of the Association.

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