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PitStop Connect 10 Announced

April 18, 2011  By

Belgium-based Enfocus has announced latest version of its PitStop Connect system. The new version further streamlines the file transfer between printers and clients through the use of “Connectors” to make sure both parties are using the same settings.

“All too often file delivery causes problems on both the production and creative sides of printing and publishing workflows,” said Elli Cloots, Director of Product Management at Enfocus. “What is needed is efficient communication between all parties, and that is precisely what PitStop Connect 10 delivers. It ensures that files print exactly as designed, which improves turnaround times, increases productivity and ultimately improves customer satisfaction.”

The latest offering in PitStop Connect 10 features the automatic updating of Connector settings on the client end whenever a setting is changed by the printer. The interface has also been updated to be congruent with Enfocus’ recently released Switch 10 package. It also contains support for the latest PDF formats including PDF/X-4 for printing and PDF/A for archiving.


PitStop Connect 10 will be available in the second quarter of 2011.

PrintAction’s Zac Bolan covered the use of PitStop Connect in a October, 2010 article. Read it here.

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