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Prism Releases WIN 2009

July 7, 2009  By Jon Robinson

An upgrade to its MIS platform from Prism, WIN 2009 integrates Metrix-based planning with job-ganging tools, as well as enhanced data collection. Based on the preexisting PRISM WIN architecture, the 2009 version also includes a software featured called KPI Dashboard, which enables browser-based access to what the company calls Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information.

KPI Dashboard consists of several online pages, each containing a number of widgets. According to the company, widgets can be configured to personal graphical preferences, as well as added, removed, moved or renamed. Information pertaining to the widget can be displayed with the mouse pointer. For example, hovering over the Quote Conversion Rate opens a hover window showing the actual number of quotes raised and the actual number of quotes converted.

Prism, which operates in 15 countries worldwide, supporting more than 5,000 end-users, also introduced the WIN 2009 Virtual Time Manager 2 (VTM2). This is a client-based application for recording operator activity either on the shop floor or during preproduction


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