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Quebec Gatherer Draws Attention at PRINT

September 24, 2009  By

Quebec-based Feuiltault Solution Systems captured the attention of many visitors to PRINT 09 with its unconventional-looking gathering machine known as the XYZ. Feuiltault claims that the machine is the most energy efficient gatherer in existence. The XYZ does not employ vacuum pumps or air jets in its operation.

The uniqueness of the XYZ is its relatively simple operation with few moving parts. By the way of a single sucker, the machine pulls down the corner of a signature and then it is slid onto a “sword gripper” and moved at high speed down the machine. The machine processes up to 30,000 copies per hour and runs from two to 96 pages in various stock thicknesses. Pockets of the machine can be removed by hand without the typical assistance of a crane in about two minutes.

The XYZ is designed to be retrofitted to a variety of high-speed binders on the marketplace. Feuiltault Solution Systems states all that is required for maintenance is lubrication at a few points each month.


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