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Ricoh Introduces Pro C5110S and Pro C5100S

May 7, 2013  By

Ricoh of Europe has announced two new models to its cut-sheet production system lineup: The Ricoh Pro C5110S and the Ricoh Pro C5100S.
The two machines, according to Ricoh, benefit from the company’s new toner formulations, which help contribute to an increased colour gamut of 10 percent. The toner is also developed to fuse at a lower temperature, providing an environmental benefit as well through reduced energy usage. The two printers are also the first to use Ricoh’s new enhanced toner transfer technology, which is designed to produce better quality print on heavily textured stock. The technology optimizes the fuser temperature and pressure depending on the substrate.
“The ability to process more, smaller, diverse job types, quickly and with maximal uptime, is essential to meet client needs in today’s dynamic printing environment,” said Graham Moore, Ricoh’s Director of Business Development, Production Printing Group, EMEA. “That was a key design goal for the Ricoh Pro C5110S and Ricoh Pro C5100S digital colour production systems.”
Th ePro 5110S and the Pro 5100S both integrate with Ricoh’s TotalFlow software portfolio and also incorporates technologies from the company’s flagship machine, the pro C901 Graphic Arts+, including the FS100 platform from EFI Fiery. The Pro C5110S has an output speed of up to 80 pages per minute (ppm) while the Pro C5100S has an output speed of 65ppm.


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