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SAi launches new Flexi 21 software

March 24, 2021  By PrintAction Staff

SAi today released Flexi 21, a feature-rich version of its flagship sign-making software. The 64-bit RIP system is engineered to meet the design-to-production challenges of sign & display and large-format print providers.

SAi’s Flexi 21 design and RIP print software now supports multi-layer/white and varnish ink layered printing. With this tool, Flexi can generate white or varnish ink on the fly or from the white layer in the predefined design. Users can control how the ink is printed in both the Flexi Design and Flexi RIP Production Manager functions. This “sandwich” mode printing supports printing multiple layers, for example, a bottom layer of white, colour in the middle and varnish on top. With the ability to preview the white channel beforehand, users save RIP and print time and avoid wasted materials.

Flexi 21 also includes variable data printing. The variable data printing tool will let one design the print template with a sample file, select the element that will change per document and then specify the data to be used. This feature supports variable data images (including raster files, transparent pngs and most eps and PDFs), text, QR codes, data matrix, barcodes, and braille.


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