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Scodix Introduces Ultra2 and Rolls Out E106

December 5, 2017  By PrintAction Staff

Scodix introduced the new Scodix Ultra2 Pro Digital Enhancement Press with Foil Station, describing the system as “the ultimate multi material platform.” The existing Scodix Ultra Pro system was capable of producing nine different applications and the Scodix Ultra2 is designed to provide more flexibility, quality and productivity. Users of the Scodix Ultra Pro will be able to upgrade to the Scodix Ultra2 starting in 2018.

Scodix first introduced the Scodix S system in 2012, followed by the Scodix Ultra. Today, close to 300 Scodix systems are installed worldwide.

Scodix explains the Ultra2’s entire print engine has been changed to provide high accuracy of print and cost effectiveness, supported by fast switching between polymers, with improved print quality and material flow. The Scodix Ultra2 includes five ink tanks. A new adaptive LED process controls the curing process with improved accuracy, while the Scodix PAS (Pin Activate Secure) technologies deliver enhancement with ultra-fine detail.


“Our aim at Scodix is to continually support our customers to enhance their competitive edge,” said Scodix CEO, Roy Porat. “There is no polymer in the world that is suitable for all substrates. No drop behaves the same on all substrates or all printed material. Consequently, we have developed the Scodix Ultra2 Pro, alongside our variety of innovative polymers designed for different purposes, as a system which can deliver the ultimate results. This is essentially a multi-material platform.”

Scodix then announced that its E106 press is now commercially available (beginning December 2017), with the next units set to be installed in the EU and U.S. during Q1 2018. The Scodix E106 made its debut at drupa 2016 and was developed specifically to deliver enhancement solutions for folding-carton converters who need the 1,060 x 760-mm format. It delivers multiple applications, including Scodix Foil, Scodix Sense, Scodix Spot, Scodix Variable Data and Scodix Cast & Cure. It allows users to create products using foil over foil, adding Scodix Sense effects over foil, or personalizing with Scodix Variable Data Sense or Scodix Variable Data Foil.

“We are delighted to be progressing into the commercial phase, still working to the schedule we outlined in 2016,” said Porat. “Printers and converters investing in the Scodix E106 will be able to clinch a competitive edge with value-added services that can truly energize brands. The B1 format brings all the advantages of digital enhancement currently being exploited in the commercial market and takes us a step closer a new standard in packaging enhancement.”

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