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Significans Automation launches custom workflow services

July 4, 2018
By PrintAction Staff


Toronto, Ontario-based Significans Automation Inc., a newly formed global professional services company that formerly operated as Myrpress Consulting Inc., has launched its prepress custom workflow automation solutions.

“Many service providers in the graphics industry are struggling for profitability. It’s also clear that we are in a pre-robotic era and that robotics and artificial intelligence are expected to become the norm very soon. The only way to become profitable in this scenario is to automate the workflow as much as possible so that service providers can take advantage of all that AI and robotic applications have to offer,” said Marc Raad, Executive Vice President at Significans Automation.  

Established in 2018 by a team of graphic arts experts who share more than 100 years’ experience between them, Significans Automation is setting out to create custom systems that reflect the unique circumstances, production needs and markets of graphic arts service providers. Led by Raad and Mircea Petrescu, CEO and CTO, the company is built on foundations laid by Myrpress Consulting Inc., a consultancy Petrescu founded in 2012. Raad and Petrescu explain its customers can expect an “entirely integrated ‘lights out’” prepress operation that automates labour-intensive jobs, identifies and eliminates barriers to enhanced productivity, and facilitates robotics and robotic workflows in the future. The firm estimates of about 100,000 workflow systems installed globally, most are underutilized and the scope of automation is limited by minimal customization.


“We adopt reverse engineering methodologies to create advanced levels of automation in our customer’s facilities. The results we’ve seen is up to 90 percent savings in time and potentially an 800 percent increase in productivity,” said Mircea Petrescu, CEO and CTO of Significans Automation. “In certain situations, we can replace many hours of labour with as little as two to eight minutes of automated tasks.”