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Solimar Systems launches Secure IPP Print Server

July 30, 2020  By PrintAction Staff

In late June, Solimar Systems, Inc. launched its Secure IPP Print Server for digital print environments. The server delivers support for encrypted data transmission using the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) as well as enabling print job optimization and workflow automation. The solution allows companies to better comply with data security regulations, policies and best practices.

It is common for host systems to transmit data to printers over unencrypted channels using protocols like LPR, IPDS, shared folders and JMF/JDF. Secure IPP printing leverages on-the-fly data encryption to protect print content from network “sniffers” that can expose sensitive information embedded in print data.

In addition, the solution provides more granular feedback on job status than alternative workflows, allowing systems that support IPP to provide more accurate and timely information about the work.


“Governments have been busy tightening rules around the handling of consumer data to better protect the public against accidental or criminal data breaches. Everyone handling personal information has to be prepared to exercise reasonable caution to protect that information from disclosure risks,” said Jonathan Malone-McGrew, senior director of engagement at Solimar Systems. “Secure IPP Print Server provides users with a means to do this, enabling them to operate with complete, end-to-end workflow security. The system also benefits from Solimar’s renowned expertise in job tracking, reporting, as well as streamlining and reducing workflow inefficiencies, when integrated with other cutting-edge Solimar solutions.”

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