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SPGPrints’ 914mm rotaLEN engraver

April 5, 2017  By PrintAction Staff

A version of SPGPrints’ rotaLEN laser engraver is now available for imaging rotary screens up to 914mm wide.

SPGPrints has introduced a 914mm version of its rotaLEN direct laser engraver.


  • A sealed CO2 laser that ablates the printed areas without film, chemicals or water;
  • Images SPGPrints’ non-woven nickel re-engravable RotaMesh rotary screens with resolutions of up to 5,080 dpi;
  • A narrow-web version accommodates screens up to 660 mm wide;
  • RotaMesh rotary screens with a seamless hexagonal hole-structure;
  • Printing speeds up to 150m per minute (490fpm), depending on the application;
  • Fine positive and negative prints created with SPGPrints’ software;
  • Capable of applying ink or varnishes of up to 250µm thickness;
  • Capable of imaging two reusable RotaPlate screens simultaneously, exclusively for label printing, when applied to a drum of 1,300 mm circumference;
  • Compatible with the complete rotary screen range, such as SPGPrints’ RotaMesh 405 and RotaPlate 355F screens, to RotaMesh 75 for 250µm-thick Braille dot reproduction;
  • Examples include raised, coarse and textured varnishes, rich and opaque colours, metallic finishes, warning triangles and Braille.

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