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Sun Chemical releases its annual sustainability report

December 1, 2021  By PrintAction Staff

Sun Chemical released the latest edition of its Corporate Sustainability Report, which focuses on the organization’s commitment to a robust sustainability strategy comprising three key pillars: operations, products and services, and collaborations.

As part of its sustainability strategy, Sun Chemical organized a Corporate Sustainability Committee in August 2020 comprising eight executive leaders, designed to guarantee company-wide engagement in sustainability initiatives and oversee the sustainability strategy. Under this committee, Sun Chemical has built a framework to guide future roadmaps in each of the strategy’s three pillars, which are referred to as the ‘five Rs’: Reuse, Reduce, Renew, Recycle and Redesign.

This framework supports a circular economy and reductions in carbon footprint, which can be applied from either an operational or product-oriented point of view. Each of these steps has enabled the company to align its sustainability goals with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The latest report shows Sun Chemical achieved its recent energy and water usage goals and outlines ambitious new initiatives that align with the three key pillars strategy and ‘five Rs’ approach.

“The sustainability report shows Sun Chemical’s commitment to our sustainability goals, but we’re continuing to find new ways to improve,” said Michael Simoni, global product stewardship leader, Sun Chemical. “By guiding future product development based on reuse, reduce, renew, recycle and redesign, Sun Chemical is able to develop the next generation of industry-leading, high-quality products that further increase the use of bio-renewable and recyclable materials for our customers.”

The Sun Chemical sustainability report is available to customers and can be requested online.

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