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Tauro wide-format hybrid inkjet printers, Anuvia inks earn 3M Performance Guarantee

October 23, 2023  By PrintAction Staff

3M grants Agfa’s Tauro wide-format printer series and Anuvia 1551 ink the 3M Performance Guarantee.

In combination with a variety of 3M media, the Tauro printer series and the Anuvia ink set (CMYK + light colors and white) were subjected to a series of rigorous mechanical and physical tests carried out under 3M’s stringent assessment conditions to qualify for the Performance Guarantee.

The 3M Performance Guarantee provides assurance that 3M media will meet the highest quality standards with the tested inks. It ensures reliable performance throughout the digital printing process and during the warranted period after application. The program covers various aspects, including physical defects, manufacturing defects, printing and cutting defects due to media, stated warranty period, fitness for use, adhesive to specified substrates, and removal for removable/changeable film.


Dieter Jancart, segment manager, high-end systems for Agfa, said, “At Agfa, we’re committed to partnering with print service providers to help them achieve sustainable growth. Our best-in-class Tauro printers provide a modular printer platform with advanced automation options. With the 3M Performance Guarantee, we are even better equipped to give our customers peace of mind and empower them to meet the highest quality standards and achieve boundless creativity. It lets them take full advantage of the Tauro and Anuvia performance across a full spectrum of graphics, including banners, front- and back-lit graphics, self-adhesive vinyl, rigid plastics, cardboard, and more.”

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