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Technicote expands Black Chromecast line with premium labels

October 9, 2020
By PrintAction Staff


Technicote has expanded its Black Chromecast line of products to include a line of premium labels for brands within the food and beverage and health and beauty markets.

According to Technicote, its new Black Chromecast products provide a superior appearance, due to its ultra-smooth, high-gloss surface, that also helps alleviate technical issues associated with producing a black label with traditional materials. The Black Chromecast line is highly printable and allows for hot foiling while providing a highly opaque black colour, even on the label edges.

Technicote’s Black Chromecast portfolio is part of Tech25 products, with a minimum order of 2,500 to help reduce waste by delivering only the necessary amount of product. The company’s technical team can also help determine the exact product needed for certain applications by helping customers choose from a variety of adhesives, liners and pattern capabilities.