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Three ways to generate profits with next-gen sheetfed toner tech

November 17, 2023  By Sander Sondaal

The expanded application capabilities that are made possible with specialist inks and toners is proving to be a key deciding factor in purchasing decisions for print service providers (PSPs).

In fact, 75 per cent of respondents in the Taktiful/WhatTheyThink2023 Specialty Digital Ink and Toner Embellishment Study said that clients are interested in how they can elevate their print with specialty ink and toner.

The study of owners of digital ink and toner embellishment technologies from around the world also found that 41 per cent of survey respondents said that the main reason they added specialty ink and toner capabilities was to generate more profit.


More than half (55 per cent) were satisfied with the profits from these jobs and 40 per cent were satisfied with the sales of these jobs. Twenty-seven per cent also said that specialty ink and toner jobs were “always” more profitable than regular CMYK jobs, while 36 per cent said they “usually” are.

Broader application possibilities with expanded colour gamut help PSPs generate profits in the following three ways:

  • Captivating colour that gets results – Colour is the number one influencing factor with 93 per cent of consumers, and 80 per cent think colour enhances brand recognition. Consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue on average by 23 per cent.
  • Personalization that drives interaction. A recent survey by global management consultancy McKinsey found personalization can reduce customer acquisition costs by as much as 50 per cent, lift revenues by five to 15 per cent, and increase marketing ROI by 10 to 30 per cent. It also improves performance, provides better customer outcomes and drives up both customer loyalty and a company’s gross sales.
  • Elevated creativity makes for memorable communications and happy clients. As well as eye-catching designs and tailored content that engage consumers, the impact of print can be expanded in online and offline worlds with printed QR codes and augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

Now you can elevate your clients’ communications with more creative colour capabilities. You can ensure messages are unmissable. You can create powerful prompts that spur action. Plus, you can enjoy a healthy revenue stream.

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