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Tilia Labs Releases Phoenix 4.0

October 14, 2014  By PrintAction Staff

Tilia Labs Inc. of Ottawa is targeting new printing markets with launch of Phoenix version 4.0, building on its flagship production software primarily used for imposition and planning in packaging environments.

Phoenix 4.0, according to Tilia Labs, includes new features for signage and greeting card work to expand upon the folding carton and label imposition and ganging tools found in earlier versions of Phoenix. These features include new mark types and increased sheet capacity.

“From the start our goal has been to automate the imposition process as much as possible for all non-commercial work,” said Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs. “Phoenix 4.0 is a huge step in this direction with the addition of nested ganging and wide-format support.”


Phoenix 4.0 features enhanced Nested Ganging functions to work on layouts for irregular shaped products. This includes Auto Impose and Auto Optimize modules for auto ganging folding cartons, as well as non-rectangular labels, cards and signage.  Nested layouts can be exported as CFF2, PDF or PostScript for cutting.

In relation to post-press work, Phoenix 4.0 features new guillotine-based layout generation of rectangular products. The system considers sheet turns versus using lower complexity cuts.

The software’s Auto Impose and Auto Optimize tools can now be run simultaneously across multiple jobs. Results are available in a persistent panel, allowing users to more readily apply ganged layouts. As well, lock-bottom folding carton pairs can be automatically detected and grouped during ganging.

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