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Touch7 Adds Soft-Proofing

November 15, 2016  By PrintAction Staff

Touch7, an extended colour gamut system distributed by Color-Logic Inc, has announced that they will now offer Soft-Proofing capabilities.

Touch7 takes just one mouse click inside of Photoshop to produce up to a 7-colour separation of an image. However, Photoshop does not provide an accurate colour representation of any separation with more than CMYK or RGB images,” said Touch7’s Founder and CTO, Richard Ainge. “We are not a colour management company so we partnered with RemoteDirector to provide us with an OEM version of their technology.”
Mark Geeves, Director of Sales and Marketing for Touch7, explained: “We have targeted the digital press and printer markets with our Touch7 Soft-Proofing solution since people forget these presses are really production machines and there is a real need not to use them as proofing devices until the design is ready. If printers take six minutes of production time to produce 10 proofs a day then you have one hour of production time wasted.

“Touch7 creates an extended colour gamut separation in seconds,” continued Geeves, “which saves hours of manual masking and now with our Soft-Proofing solution, digital presses and printers are more productive as well.”
Touch7 is powered by Khaos Technology, a developer of Adobe plug-ins and software tools for the printing industry.

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