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TPC installs first Scodix E106 in North America

September 10, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Scodix has announced the sale of the first E106 system in North America to TPC Printing & Packaging, a producer of custom folding cartons and promotional packaging. The installation is planned for November 2018, replacing the UltraPro with Foil the company installed in May 2017.

The Chattanooga, Tenn., company installed the UltraPro to expand the range of effects it offers to its clients, and within a year, TPC Packaging President Joseph A. Schmissrauter III says, the company realized that client demand necessitated an even larger and faster system, as clients understood the impact of Scodix enhancements. The original purchase agreement allowed for an upgrade once the E106 became commercially available, and after a visit to the Scodix facilities in Tel Aviv this past summer, TPC made the decision to authorize the switch.

“We were really drawn to the larger format of the E106,” Schmissrauter says, “and it offers more than twice the production speeds of the UltraPro. All 10 of our top accounts – which make up the bulk of our revenue – have already been introduced to the technology through the UltraPro, but they have been limited in what they can do because of the size and speed restrictions. They are very excited to get started with this machine.”


In addition to running jobs with special effects, TPC Packaging also plans to transition all short-run foil work to the E106, which it anticipates will help cut down on the costs to produce those jobs. “That will automatically feed business into the E106,” Schmissrauter says. “We should have a sizeable amount of machine hours already booked on day one, when the press hits the floor. And we anticipate some larger programs coming in that will utilize the unique combinations we can produce on the E106 shortly after that.”

He estimates that by next year, a quarter of the work that will be run on the E106 will be traditional capacity pulled from other equipment, while the rest will be jobs that are specifically designed to take advantage of the E106’s capabilities.

“The driving force behind this purchase is that TPC Packaging wants to continue to be recognized as the leader in innovative packaging in North America,” Schmissrauter notes. “We want to serve our high-end clients better, and we believe this equipment will help us do just that.”

“We believe the E106 will not only help TPC Packaging create their current jobs faster and more cost effectively, we also believe it will allow them to branch out to things such as short-run and versioned foils, including regional or even store-specific versions,” said Mark Nixon, Scodix VP of Sales and GM, North America. “The UltraPro let them get their foot in the door with this technology; the E106 is going to allow them to take that to even higher production levels, and truly secure their place as the leaders in their marketplace.”

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