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Transcontinental Rebrands Marketing Division

November 23, 2010



Transcontinental announced yesterday that it has changed the name of its Marketing Communications Sector to Transcontinental Interactive. The sector was created in November 2008 and includes a number of company acquisitions over the years, including Conversys, LIPSO, Premedia, Thindata 1:1, Rastar, Totem and most recently Vortex Mobile.

“This change represents a turning point for our organization. The new name more accurately reflects our expertise and solutions. It also reflects our drive to become the leading provider of interactive marketing solutions in North America,” said Christian Trudeau, President of Transcontinental Interactive. “Our customers lead in their markets. To ensure they remain in that enviable position, we are developing complete, intelligent and integrated campaigns for them that put them in relationship with their consumers.”

“With the Media Sector’s outstanding content and strong brands, the Printing Sector’s manufacturing excellence, and the new Interactive Sector’s marketing communications solutions, Transcontinental Inc. is in a better position than ever to achieve its primary mission: helping our customers reach their target consumers more effectively,” said François Olivier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Transcontinental Inc.