Trish Witkowski's 60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week

PrintAction Staff
April 11, 2011
By PrintAction Staff

This week: Clever Personalized Luggage-Looking Mailer

January 8, 2013 {rokbox text=|Iron cross series with short trim cover|}{/rokbox}
January 15, 2013 {rokbox text=|The morphing roller|}{/rokbox}
January 22, 2013 {rokbox text=|Accordion with layered die cuts|}{/rokbox}
January 29, 2013 {rokbox text=|Paper airplane locked iron cross|}{/rokbox}
February 6, 2013 {rokbox text=|Pocket folder with stepped insert holder|}{/rokbox}
February 13, 2013 {rokbox text=|Dimensional Valentine mailer|}{/rokbox}
February 20, 2013 {rokbox text=|Asymmetrical accordion with swinging letters|}{/rokbox}
February 27, 2013 {rokbox text=|Self-mailer with integrated self-pocket|}{/rokbox}
March 6, 2013 {rokbox text=|Clamshell cube mailer with cootie-catcher|}{/rokbox}
March 13, 2013 {rokbox text=|Corrugated mystery box mailer with USB drive|}{/rokbox}
March 20, 2013 {rokbox text=|Awesome spiral accordion mailer|}{/rokbox}
April 2, 2013 {rokbox text=|The Bookster|}{/rokbox}
April 9, 2013 {rokbox text=|Smelt Fry Pull-Tab Invitation|}{/rokbox}
April 16, 2013 {rokbox text=|French Flap with Creative Die Cut|}{/rokbox}
April 23, 2013 {rokbox text=|Snazzy Integrated Coupon Mailer|}{/rokbox}
April 30, 2013 {rokbox text=|Traveling Snake Folded Self Mailer|}{/rokbox}
May 7, 2013 {rokbox text=|Telescoping Folder|}{/rokbox}
May 14, 2013 {rokbox text=|Pinwheel-Format Twist Fold|}{/rokbox}
May 21, 2013 {rokbox text=|Convertible Pocketfolder Envelope|}{/rokbox}
May 28, 2013 {rokbox text=|Tapered Wrapped Stepped Accordion|}{/rokbox}
June 4, 2013 {rokbox text=|200th Episode Mystery Fold|}{/rokbox}
June 11, 2013 {rokbox text=|Criss-Cross Nested Format|}{/rokbox}
June 18, 2013 {rokbox text=|Engaging Split Screen Slider Mailer|}{/rokbox}
June 25, 2013 {rokbox text=|Romantic Novelty Snake Fold Invite|}{/rokbox}
July 9, 2013 {rokbox text=|Stepped Accordion with Crossover|}{/rokbox}
July 16, 2013 {rokbox text=|Laser-cut Wrapped Reverse Accordion|}{/rokbox}
July 23, 2013 {rokbox text=|Closed Gate into Double Parallel Brochure|}{/rokbox}
July 30, 2013 {rokbox text=|Swinging Double Parallel Cover|}{/rokbox}
August 6, 2013 {rokbox text=|Pocketfolder with Nested Booklet|}{/rokbox}
August 13, 2013 {rokbox text=|Wild Poster Format Mailer|}{/rokbox}
August 20, 2013 {rokbox text=|Asymmetrical Staggered Stepped Accordion|}{/rokbox}
August 27, 2013 {rokbox text=|Totally Wild 3D "Virtual" Business Card|}{/rokbox}
September 4, 2013 {rokbox text=|Brochure with Surprise Cover|}{/rokbox}
September 11, 2013 {rokbox text=|Open Gate Promo with Double Mask|}{/rokbox}
September 18, 2013 {rokbox text=|Glued Gate Fold Self-Mailer|}{/rokbox}
September 25, 2013 {rokbox text=|One-Piece Petal Fold Tri-Fold Combo|}{/rokbox}
October 2, 2013 {rokbox text=|Amazing auto telescope mailer|}{/rokbox}
October 9, 2013 {rokbox text=|Tri-Folding Broadside Booklet Mailer|}{/rokbox}
October 16, 2013 {rokbox text=|Pocket Folder with Nested Fold-Out Accordion|}{/rokbox}
October 23, 2013 {rokbox text=|Blues Themed Dimensional Mailer|}{/rokbox}
October 30, 2013 {rokbox text=|Cascading Accordion with Intricate Skyline|}{/rokbox}
November 6, 2013 {rokbox text=|The Tri-Hexa Flexagon|}{/rokbox}
November 13, 2013 {rokbox text=|"Book-Like" Brochure with Undersized Nested Accordion|}{/rokbox}
November 20, 2013 {rokbox text=|Wrapped Stepped Parallel Mailer|}{/rokbox}
November 27, 2013 {rokbox text=|Stylish Swiss Cufflinks Mailer|}{/rokbox}
December 4, 2013 {rokbox text=|Folded Cherry Blossom Wedding Invitation|}{/rokbox}
December 11, 2013 {rokbox text=|The Auto Triple Spinner|}{/rokbox}
January 8, 2014 {rokbox text=|Rolling Iron Cross with Shaving Cream Insert|}{/rokbox}
January 15, 2014 {rokbox text=|The Uvideo BASE|}{/rokbox}
January 22, 2014 {rokbox text=|Gorgeous One-Piece Poster Fold Self-Mailer|}{/rokbox}
January 29, 2014 {rokbox text=|Dual-Purpose Freemium Self-Mailer|}{/rokbox}
February 6, 2014 {rokbox text=|Stunning Tulip Corner Mailer|}{/rokbox}
February 13, 2014 {rokbox text=|Fabulous Folded Record Sleeve|}{/rokbox}
February 27, 2014 {rokbox text=|Multi-Dimensional Bound Brochure|}{/rokbox}
March 5, 2014 {rokbox text=|Napkin-Folded Event Invitation|}{/rokbox}
March 12, 2014 {rokbox text=|Pop-up Mailer with Motioncutter Variable Die|}{/rokbox}
March 19, 2014 {rokbox text=|Smart and Stylish Folded Press Kit|}{/rokbox}
March 26, 2014 {rokbox text=|Octagonal Layer Petal Fold|}{/rokbox}
April 3, 2014 {rokbox text=|Surprising Modified Corner Folder Invitation|}{/rokbox}
April 10, 2014 {rokbox text=|Swinging Card Mailer with Visual Trick|}{/rokbox}
April 24, 2014 {rokbox text=|Quarter-folded Close Gate with Tip-in|}{/rokbox}
May 1, 2014 {rokbox text=|Quarter-folded Close Gate with Tip-in|}{/rokbox}
May 8, 2014 {rokbox text=|Gorgeous Accordion with Gate Fold Event Invitation|}{/rokbox}
May 15, 2014 {rokbox text=|Tulip Fold with a Tweak|}{/rokbox}
May 22, 2014 {rokbox text=|Oktoberfest Mailer with Sliding Image Trick|}{/rokbox}
May 29, 2014 {rokbox text=|Dancing Swinger Fold Invitation|}{/rokbox}
June 4, 2014 {rokbox text=|Accordion cover with multiple fold-outs|}{/rokbox}
June 11, 2014 {rokbox text=|Catalogue with creative wrap|}{/rokbox}
June 18, 2014 {rokbox text=|Pop-out Accordion with Smart-Glued Panels|}{/rokbox}
June 25, 2014 {rokbox text=|Super-Chic Iron Cross Gift Card Holder|}{/rokbox}
July 8, 2014 {rokbox text=|The Magic X-Ray Mailer|}{/rokbox}
July 15, 2014 {rokbox text=|Clever Sliding Mailbox Mailer|}{/rokbox}
July 22, 2014 {rokbox text=|Traveling Reveal Folder|}{/rokbox}
July 29, 2014 {rokbox text=|Iron Cross with Creative Layered Die Cuts|}{/rokbox}
August 5, 2014 {rokbox text=|Modified Quarterfold Poster Mailer|}{/rokbox}

Trish Witkowski is Chief Folding Fanatic at the online community An educator, author, speaker and award-winning designer, Trish has a specialized expertise in folding and is the creator of the FOLDRite system. Contact Trish at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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