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Ultimate Updates Impostrip OnDemand

October 9, 2012  By

Ultimate Technographics of Montreal released version 8 of its Impostrip OnDemand software for imposition and finishing automation. The new version includes PDF/VT imposition, AutoFlow ganging optimization, and stacking automation.

Impostrip OnDemand, according to Ultimate, is the first imposition software capable of imposing PDF/VT-1 files, which allows a user to place PDF/VT files into their Impostrip OnDemand hot folder. Impostrip then takes into account the record boundaries to produce optimized PDF output compatible with any RIP on the market. In other words, the company describes how producing variable-data booklets and books, with all relevant markings and dynamic barcodes for quality control, can be initiated by dropping a file in the Impostrip OnDemand hot folder.

With new ganging algorithms, Impostrip OnDemand version 8 uses AutoFlow to optimize the placement of multiple jobs on a sheet, while also accounting for finishing requirements. “Our AutoFlow engine for ganging is a feature we are proud of because it is more than typical ganging as we further pushed the automation level to meet customer demand,” says Julie Watson, VP of Marketing with Ultimate.


The inclusion of Book Stacker into Impostrip OnDemand v.8 allows users to automatically batch and impose their book orders, cards and statements, based on quantities and page count. Impostrip OnDemand waits for files to logically redistribute and imposes them according to set rules, while applying the marks, barcodes and banner sheet requirements.

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