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Veritiv, Graphics Canada Preview

March 18, 2017  By PrintAction Staff

Veritiv, a leader in the business-to-business distribution of print, publishing, packaging, facility and logistics solutions, provided PrintAction with a preview of the following three Graphics Canada 2017 booth highlights.

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AlumiGraphics is an aluminum-based foil decal print media, exclusive to Veritiv Canada, available in two finishes, including: GRIP for asphalt, brick and cement walkways and Smooth for exterior brick, stucco and concrete walls, among a range of possible applications. AlumiGraphics, which create images that look like they are painted directly to the surface they are applied to, can be cut with scissors, die-cutters or plotter-cutters. AlumiGraphics is designed for simple peel and stick installation, based on a sweep and press on, with typically no residue remaining on the surface with peel-off removal.


AlumiGraphics GRIP holds a reflective quality on any area left unprinted. The reflected light is especially noticeable when placed under bright lights or when lights shine against decals in unlit areas. The unique aluminum substrate holds an anti-slip stability based on its high friction surface. In combination with a specially formulated adhesive, the material can stand up to harsh weather conditions and, when installed as directed, can last for several months outdoors.For large graphics, Alumigraphics SMOOTH can be overlapped or butted up against each other.

AlumiGraphics GRIP holds 53 inches of usable space for edge-to-edge printing capability, again with direct print to an anti-slip surface, without a need for over-laminates. The material can be used with a range of large format printing processes, such as UV curable, latex and solvent and screen printing.

General Formulations CONCEPT 790AE Light Etch Air-Egress is a 3.0 mil decorative polymeric flexible vinyl film coated with a solvent-based permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with a 90# air egress (AE) liner. This film can either be applied printed or unprinted for visual affect or as a privacy film. The 90# AE liner offers dry application properties for large format graphics. Concept 790AE accepts a variety of solvent-based, eco-solvent, latex and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems.

Concept 790AE is recommended for use where a high quality glass etch vinyl film is desired to simulate etched glass. This film can be used for commercial and residential applications to glass. Typical dry applications include doors and windows made of glass. It is not designed for cut lettering or to be repositioned (permanent adhesive). Application or transfer tape is recommended for easier application.

Ultraflex Systems UltraMesh Blockout is a 12.5 oz. double-sided mesh material – based on a polyester support material. The blockout mesh material is well suited for applications where complete opacity is required. UltraMesh Blockout is printable on both sides and may be used for billboards, exhibits and event signs. The material is flame resistant and compatible for use with solvent, eco-solvent and UV printing. It is available in widths of 126 inches.

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