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Weilburger Graphics introduces coating quantity calculator

September 12, 2018  By PrintAction Staff

Weilburger Graphics GmbH, a maker of coatings, water based flexo inks and adhesives, has put a new coating quantity calculator online.

In addition to the sheet format, the area coverage for coating and the running length, including make ready and expected waste sheets, the anilox rollers used are also considered. The most common anilox rollers with GTT, Hexagonal, Hashur and ART gravures are taken into account. The coating quantity calculator also offers the option of calculating the required coating quantities for straight and perfecting jobs, if these are to be produced with the same coating and the same anilox roller, in just one calculation run. With different coatings and/or anilox rollers for perfecting, the user can also calculate these quantities by means of a second calculation run, without having to re-enter all parameters. Only the additional amount of coating required for filling and circulation per print run must be added by the calculator’s user, as this varies depending on the system and the peripherals used, such as coating temperature control, for example.

The coating quantity calculator is suitable for all common, unpigmented coating systems (UV-, dispersion-, solvent-, oil-based) and is currently available in four languages: German, English, Spanish and Polish. Both a desktop version and an optimized web app for smartphones and tablet PCs are available.

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