What’s next for canvas prints and other custom photo print formats?

June 21, 2022  Sponsored by by Picanova, Inc.


The pandemic years have been challenging for most industries, but some have faced down the lockdowns and other disruptions surprisingly well. One such case has been the print industry – where providers catering to homeworkers reported strong growth.

In the past two years the demand for printed home decor products – canvas prints, posters, framed photos and so on – has been given a boost. But will this trend continue?

New ways to print


According to the experts at Picanova, Inc., an established printing firm serving the North American market, the key to growth in the coming years lies in diversifying product portfolios and paying attention to the macro-trends shaping business practices across all industries.

One such trend is an increasing demand for sustainable production, as customers grow more aware of the environmental impact of the products they buy. That’s why prints made using natural materials – canvas prints with their wooden stretcher frames, for example – are positioned to enjoy further sales growth.

And, of course, one of the best models for running a printing business on a sustainable basis is print-on-demand. As the printing process begins only after clients have placed their orders, providers can produce only the number of prints required.

Picanova, Inc., and their Canadian webshop,, have relied on the print-on-demand model since the beginning, and it’s brought them enviable success. The company produces thousands upon thousands of personalized printed items each month, with no need for stockpiling or risk of overproduction.

Getting print personalization right

Picanova, Inc., stresses that the print-on-demand production approach relies on clients using their own images for printing rather than choosing a pre-made design. (Though it should be noted that such images aren’t limited to photos – it’s also possible to create personalized prints using scanned drawings or digital designs.)

As company representative Gvido Grube puts it, “There’s a big difference between mass-produced prints that you can find anywhere and genuinely unique custom products using images uploaded by the customer.”

It seems that the increased demand for personalized prints and home decor products is here to stay. As these days nearly every smartphone is equipped with a high-quality camera, people are taking more photos than ever before, which has had a knock-on effect on the number they want to get printed. Print personalization is very likely to define the industry in the upcoming years, so it’s important to anticipate the new ways customers will want to use their photos.

So, while the bulk of the company’s sales derives from a handful of products which are established favourites, Picanova, Inc., appreciates the importance of looking forward and trying out new ideas and products. After all, when it comes to photo printing and home decor, a wide range of print formats helps the consumer achieve an interior design scheme that truly reflects their personality. From wall art to lifestyle accessories, printed products need to be diverse, creative, and original to win the hearts and minds of increasingly savvy customers in 2022 and beyond.

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